Unrestricted vs Restricted

We get daily calls from buyers looking for property with no restrictions.  If you stop and think about it for a minute, as good as it sounds to have unrestricted property, have you really looked at areas where there are no restrictions?  It seems you as a buyer will take very good care of your home  and even built quite a nice home, you just want the freedom to do what you want.  Will your neighbor? Unrestricted means they can have as many animals (domestic or undomestic) as they want, as many homes and cars as they want (single family, or manufactured, RV's etc) and can do whatever THEY want. Homeowner Asssociations do get a bad name but they do keep property values in tact by making sure everyone follows the rules.  The last thing any home owner wants is to build or buy their dream home and someone else ruins the property value. Before you are dead set on finding property with NO restrictions, give a community a chance and talk to the people that already live there before you rule it out.